since this is the beginning, i thought a nice place holder offering anticipation of what is to come might be this quote i like from monique truong’s the book of salt:

“intriguing, always calls for a second look, an irresistible glance back, a heightened desire to know and to have. intrigue cannot be added at the end. a sprinkling of sequins, a glazing of glass beads, a handful of store bought fringes, all suggest a lack of forethought, like salting a roast after it has cooked as opposed to before… intrigue, like salt, is best if it is there from the beginning.”


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  1. b.

    Wunderbar – ich freue mich auf deine Gedanken! Es ist der perfekte Start für dein blog, denn der 3. Februar ist der Beginn eines neuen Jahres (der Katze)!!! Happy New Blog, therefore!

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