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curating scraps of life

green river dec 2015

photo by sfurbanwanderer

in moments of deep connection with the world—and in those that are potentially the most banal, too—i compose haiku. this form pops up when my mind has found a spaciousness only possible after sitting or while walking for a long period. i usually memorize these snapshot poems, as often i’m not able to write them down in that moment, or i don’t want to turn to my handheld device to record them right then.

here is a collection of 27 haiku written over the past several years chronicling my explorations in both the urban environment and out in the natural world, and some that speak to the intersections of the two.

gradually heating

until i’m a waterfall:

a sauna healing.


castle on a hill?

mountaintop reveals itself

around the next bend.


snowy plover runs—

a millipede’s leg movement

from nest to shore.


hot afternoon rocks

gray pines on the horizon

woodpeckers in flight


scattering lizards

acting as little sentries

on the river path.


the tower obscured

fog thick on a summer day.

heat pulls from valley.


a sidewalk dancer—

leaf like a brown butterfly—

summer city wind


nothing like the sound

of an eagle’s morning call.

i am en-raptor’d.


a flutter of wings

heading in amongst the trees:

geese on the river.


scotch broom in full bloom

lining Washington highways

yellow pollen bursts.


fly like an eagle

hawk swoops down to interrupt

bird sounds warning call.


in the daylight hours

can’t see the hills for the trees

nighttime hike shows lights.


percussive bird sounds

many species greet the day.

Saratoga morn.


bright bougainvillea

September bursts of color.

fall is in full bloom.


hummingbird wings growl

new chirp at bottom of dive

sun dries my wet tent.


white flames through the door

iguanas out for a stroll

surreal Sunday morn


sunny window spot

afternoon food and head break

my body lengthens…


a lizard pushup

a chipmunk scales scaffolding

Sonoran desert.


heading eight blocks south

December sun on my face

joy in a bike ride.


sun on San Bruno

mount diablo peeking up

crisp clear winter’s day


a pigeon’s widow walk

atop a Victorian,

club foot kin below.


the spring el polin,

a summer dedication

ohlone return…


descent to deer creek

feet roll across pine needles

quick mid-day leg stretch…


sierra foothills

full package deal adventure.

this week smiles linger.


the rough peaks glisten,

a knife’s edge to the clear sky:

view from hood canal.


sea under bridges

may sun warms Stockholm’s stone face

city in spring bloom.


climbing the flatlands,

heels click on cobblestone streets.

ochres line the sea.





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